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Adorning him in his absence

Adorning him in his absence


Adorning him in his absence

All in my mind! I put on my red blouse, carried my laptop, as a common practice of most young people nowadays, and left home with no realsenseoftime. I had the desire to walk alone. Night fell swiftly and I was to far away in my thoughts to observe it stretching itself out over the road ahead of me. I soon got into my preferred restaurant, not for its quality but rather for its fine furnishings that recognize me the moment I enter, with its blue walls holding me. I walked up the steps to sit at my favorite table by the window near the air conditioner. Perhaps I chose this table as it was near the plug so that I could easily connect my laptop to power supply. There I saw you smiling at me and asking if you could share the moment with me. You were sitting in my favorite seat and I forgave you for this and sat down calmly but overwhelmed with intense pleasure. I was a teenager and stubborn. You disapproved of me going out at such a late time. You blamed me, not taking into account that I wouldn’t have unexpectedly met you but for me doing this. We chatted till very late with not the slightest attention to other customers staring at us. My main concern was that you were with me. It was too late and if I didn’t go back home, I might find the police searching for me everywhere in Gaza. I didn’t tell you I wanted to leave as I really didn’t want to; however, I only switched off my laptop and put it into my bag. I reluctantly did this just to alleviate my mother’s deep concern and cease my father’s great fear about me. Then, the waiter approached. – “Anything else?” – “Check, please. I’ll pay.” I looked at him. There was a smile on his face and he didn’t care about it that I was leaving. The waiter stood in front of me and seemed surprised by my words. But, finally he went off muttering some strange words that I couldn’t hear. After a short while, he appeared again. – “Here it is!” I put the money on the table, while astonishingly looking at him, as he didn’t even bother to stand up and accompany me. He just stayed seated while calmly setting his eyes on me. I was really stirred. I became so angry that I got up really close to him saying, “Won’t you leave with me?” The waiter, who was standing close to our table, approached. Perhaps he wanted to ease the situation a little or perhaps he wanted to tell him that it wouldn’t be very gentle to let me leave alone, especially so late at night. Then, the waiter said to me, “Excuse me, Miss! Whom are you talking to? There is nobody here with you.     1

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